Create management systems

Set up management systems that will allow you to competently enact your organization’s financial plan; create organizational and program budgets; receive training in QuickBooks and financial records management; and learn strategies for creating a culture of financial responsibility and accountability with your Board and staff.

Organization Management Systems

Some of the best, easiest, and most efficient management systems that will help you operate the business efficiently and effectively can be found on the Internet. This includes everything from bookkeeping management systems to accounting software to a sales database and everything in between. Use the free time you have and the computer you have to get your financial records organized and find a program that suits your unique needs.

It’s a cliché, but true: you can’t manage what you don’t measure. Once you determine what drives sales, tracking the business’ results can help you develop and implement strategies that will maximize those results.

Get training in QuickBooks and financial records management

Learn strategies for creating a culture of financial responsibility and accountability with your Board and staff such as:

Recruiting—Find the right candidate to work with you and dedicate their time to pursuing your mission.

Identify appropriate candidates for the jobs that your organization needs filled.

Assist with matching skills with an organization’s needs.

Key employees should possess the right knowledge, skills, and attitudes, which allow them to maximize productivity and performance, as well as the proper motivation to succeed.

Manage, evaluate, and facilitate the work of employees, including writing compensation, benefit and performance agreements.

Key personnel should maintain good personal relationships with other employees and their supervisors, as well as key decision-makers in the organization.

Create organizational and program budgets

Assess the values, goals and objectives for the organization. Define the operating budget and create individual annual budgets for each program. Take your organization’s capacity measurement to a higher level by ensuring that the operating budget is aligned with the organization’s overall value, mission and goals.

Create individual annual budgets for each program

As you build your capacity, create a budget for each employee. This will help you decide where you will allocate funding and assign resources, including responsibilities, to increase capacity.

Establish an oversight committee

Understand that your capacity-building team will make or break your organization’s financial success.