A Bronx Project

Restoring Westchester Avenue Station

The vacant station on Westchester Ave is about 2500 sq ft and is a historical building designed by the distinguished architect, Cass Gilbert.

Reimagining Potential

YMPJ is retaining architects and engineers to study the abandoned station, which has been vacant since 1937. We are in the process of considering the potential for the re-imagined station – located at the corner of Westchester Avenue and Sheridan Boulevard – to be the focal point of a mixed-use destination for the neighborhood. Restoring the station would build on significant investments along the Bronx River Waterfront, including the Bronx River Greenway, its connected parks, and new and proposed housing developments.

Back view of anonymous demonstrators walking along street near modern buildings with placards supporting anti racism movement
Black men standing on street near journalists and police car during anti racism demonstration

Community Impact

Activating the abandoned station would also serve as a critical connection between the vibrant Westchester Avenue and Southern Boulevard commercial corridors. YMPJ’S work on activating the abandoned train station on Westchester Avenue next to Concrete Plant Park was recognized in the New York Times. Stay tuned to this page to get more updates!

a new station

We could use your help!

This ambitious project to revitalize the vacant Amtrak station on Westchester Avenue requires significant resources and donations to bring it to fruition. If you would like to contribute and support this endeavor, your donations would be greatly appreciated